Кристин // Платье Исидора

Christine: «My dress was everything I ever dreamed. It truly was my dream dress. I felt like the most beautiful bride. My dress matched my desired look of being ethereal. It went perfectly with the scenery as we got married in the woods right near the water at Wolfe’s Neck State Park. One of my friends said she didn’t really even see me walking down the wooden path because all she could focus on was my dress gliding over the forest floor — her words not mine. I can never thank you enough for making me feel so special on a day we waited for a decade to celebrate. My love to you all!

Our photographer did a wonderful job and I think she captured the beauty of the Icidora gown well!
We are very happy! Thank you for the well wishes! Eternally grateful to you all for helping make our day so special.»

Photo: Cait Bourgault Photography










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